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Introduction to Reishi mushroom

In the last decade there have been numerous researches on the healing properties of the medicinal mushrooms. Reishi mushroom has emerged as the best medicinal mushroom among the lot. The use of Reishi mushroom was prevalent for thousands of years in Eastern Asia. It was used to treat conditions like intestinal parasites, stop bleeding and for cauterizing injuries. Scientific studies have confirmed these beneficial properties of reishi mushroom therefore its use has now become popular globally.

Reishi mushroom also referred as ganoderma lucidum is actually an extract from the stem and cap of the plant. Six varieties of reishi mushroom can be found among them the red reishi mushroom is the most potent. Reishi mushrooms were harvested from the deep forests of China however now it is grown commercially. This has helped to curb the increasing demand of this incredible medicinal mushroom.


The ingredients found in reishi mushroom have antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic properties. Additionally the presence of antioxidants ensures a healthy immune system for those who consume it. Reishi mushroom was used on experimental basis on cancer and HIV patients and the outcome has been encouraging. Progression of cancer was halted and patients receiving chemotherapy managed to combat the side effects like hair loss and weak immune system significantly. There also has been strong evidence for reishi mushroom to enhance the functions of kidney and liver.

Reishi mushroom can be used to ward off common cold and related respiratory allergies. Anyone can take reishi mushroom supplements as a preventative measure. By boosting the immune system optimum health is guaranteed. Being a health supplement it is always advisable to start using it under the close supervision of a health care practitioner since reishi mushroom can interfere with the workability of some drugs. This is important for those who are on medications for an underlying health issue.

After learning the remarkable benefits of reishi mushroom most individuals would want to start using it. However remember the quality of the product is of extreme importance. Benefits of reishi mushroom will only be visible if it is pure. Therefore do your research on the product and its contents before ordering this magnificent supplement.